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Coffee and grilled foods using traeger grill

The Traeger grill is a high-performance smoker with six functionalities. You can smoke, roast, bake, braise, grill, and barbecue. That means it can handle both solid foods and brew drinks with ease. Coffee is a beverage with numerous health benefits that cannot miss in any recipe. If you are looking for a kitchen appliance which can handle both solids and liquids look no further if you have Traeger grill as an option. REC TEC gives Traeger Grill a run for their money but comparing Traeger to REC TEC, you will realize Traeger grill has more performance parameters, moreover, it is ideal for both home and commercial use. If you have plans of getting into the hospitality industry in future, then purchase Traeger grill at once to save you on double expense.

Traeger Grill Top picks for Charcoal smoker because of the following advantages

This is a grill for the modern market where time seems a challenge, at the same time; we have to eat. A Traeger grill is a self-functional kitchen appliance which you set and allow it to do the grilling for you. Just come back to get your meal. If you looking for a mixture of class and a touch of tradition in grilling, then Traeger grill take the lead. The type of metal for the outer lining allows it to maintain the temperature for long hours after you have finished grilling.

You have visitors, you are preparing a variety to entice your guests, time is not on your side. The set and leave functionality gives you an ample time to concentrate on other stuff, you will not regret the outcome of the meals, which will make the party memorable for your guests.

Conservationists, admits that wood fuel is one of the cheapest source of renewable energy in the world that is readily available. The developers of smokers just gave the traditional smoking an upgrade using the wood pellets grill like Traeger grill but overall, the flavor of the smoke from a low heat does magic when brewing coffee or grilling.

This grill enhances your social interaction and improves your relationship with your peers at work or among family members. The portability function does the magic. Wheel it at the backyard and use the opportunity to allow everyone to participate in the meal preparation. Let the kids roast the coffee bean, the teenagers to brew coffee while the adults grill the meat bites. Have fun as you enjoy the effort of every family member in the family.

The thermostat control knob is the strength of this smoker. If you have a new recipe that you even have the temperature measurements, you have no room for guesswork with Traeger grill, you set and run other chores, just come back after the recommended time to serve.

The 6-function appliance can make coffee, bake bread, grill meat recipes, braise your vegetable. It takes pride in the low heat performance which maintains the nutritive content ideal in the promotion of healthy eating habits.

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Applicable Coffee Maker for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have no option but to invest in the best coffee maker in the market which not only brews tasty and delicious coffee drinks but also maintain the nutritive value. The filtration system for Gaggia gives it a better coffee maker for a coffee shop. Being in the hospitality industry, it I important to understand your target market and give them the value for their money. If you have a global market, your chefs must have a deeper understanding of international cuisines to maintain international customer loyalty. Coffee making is a traditional cooking method with major milestones, you have to accommodate varied interest and incorporate the traditional and the modern coffee brewing to maintain the culture of coffee drinking.

As a coffee shop owner, have a deep understanding of the functioning of various coffee makers to get the best for your customers. Where can you get the best coffee maker to make a choice? will be the best guide.

The innovation of the internet and affordable access come in handy to make a choice base on online reviews. They include:

Social media networks

A genuine coffee maker manufacturer will have a business’s page on social networks to get feedback and advertise on their latest products. Use this platform to ask relevant questions concerning the coffee maker of choice. You will also have views on the functionality from old customers. This will give you an idea on the best brand.

Search engines

The search engine will give you an unlimited option. The one on the top list means the keywords are well used on the web a clear indication of a much talked about coffee brand. Get more information through their contact to ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness for your coffee shop.


As part of your business plan, you can visit your best coffee shop. Make friends with the employees and even the owner, he will give you tips on the best coffee brand so that you do not make the mistakes they made that might cost them.

What are the features to check on a coffee maker for your coffee shop?

User ability

You have to get a coffee maker that can withstand massive coffee brewing. This is a long-term strategy in case you have an influx of customers, are you able to serve them within a short time?


Choose a coffee maker suitable for commercial purpose, that implies it has more power and a high performance. If you get a personal coffee maker, you reduce its lifespan and it will brew coffee slowly. Remember time is vital in any hospitality industry.

Source of power

Your source of power must also guide you, if you choose a gas powered coffee maker, then ensure you have a reliable gas supplier. If it is an electric-powered appliance (which is always the case) then how frequently do you have power outages?

Size of your business premise vs. the coffee maker

Your kitchen space should be large enough to fit the many types of coffee makers.





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Uses of Router Table for Coffee Shop

A router table defines creativity and art in the woodwork industry. A portable and durable router table is ideal for a coffee shop. In case a group of revelers visits your coffee shop and they want to sit in one place, the portability of the router table allow them to meet the goal. If you have no idea on the best router table then click here for 2017 reviews. You will get the latest version of the woodwork tool with a touch of class and elegance which adds value to your coffee shop.

Woodwork is a vintage material which still finds space in our homes and coffee shops. In fact, it gives one a touch of both tradition and modernity through the creative designs which has a welcoming effect to the visitors.

What are the relevant uses of a router table for a coffee shop?

In a coffee shop, you will not fail to notice the value of creativity in the fittings, cupboard, furniture, and artwork in the ceilings. This is only possible because of the grinding and smoothening power of the router table for the work.

You want to make the circular receptionist seek without cutting the wood into smaller pieces which will give a poor finishing of the woodwork designs, a router table comes in handy to offer support to the wood as you navigate the cutting machine to give you the best circular shape. At the same time, it provides a smooth finishing pleasing to the eyes. Imagine a rough surface table in your favorite coffee shop, that simple overlook may lead to the closure of the coffee shop.

With the advent of access to social media at the tip of our hands on the smartphones, an angry customer will take a photo and upload it on the internet. Within no time, it is a viral post, no one wants to associate with the coffee shop. In a press statement to safeguard oneself, the coffee shop owner takes to the same platform and play a blame game to the specific brand of the router table. The manufacturer will have no way of defense.

The outlook of the environment especially the front part of the coffee shop, should have a proper landscaping concept. If the owner uses pieces of wood for beautification, then a portable router table on the site is vital to smoothen the ends of the wood cuttings for a better view of the woodcuts. If a customer opts for an outdoor venture to get a cool breeze while taking coffee, then the unique design gives a warm welcoming atmosphere which instills a sense of contentment as he relates to the drink.

A router table for a coffee shop plays a vital role in the beautification of the landscape as it also adds aesthetic value of the premise. The hospitality industry thrives in beauty and visual impression of the landscaping concepts for the benefit of attracting customers. However, one should not forget the core business of the coffee shop- provision of delicious and tasty drinks from unique recipes.


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Ping Pong: the ultimate business solution for your cafe

Value addition defines success in the competitive hospitality industry. A perfectly designed paddle on a beautiful ping pong table comes in handy to maintain customer loyalty to your café at the same time keep them for long within the premise, naturally, they will have to feel hungry and quench their thirst. Have a look at some of the testimonials at to prove this.

At the end of a long working day, instead of a strenuous workout, people will prefer to come and socialize in your café over a cup of coffee as they enjoy the brain game. This gives you an upper hand and an increase in the market share among your competitors. How then can you make your good use of ping pong game for business growth of your café?

Have enough space

The moment you opt for a ping pong in a café, ensure you have ample space for customers to enjoy the game. You may lack equipment, but the moment your customer guarantee a cup of their favorite drink as they enjoy the game, some may opt to carry their own ping pong equipment all they may require is a suitable space for the game.

Provide numerous ping pong tables

You are in business; accommodate customers who may need to enjoy the game without the hassle of carrying equipment just to enjoy the game. Imagine of someone who just had an afterthought of visiting the café but lack the table tennis equipment, allow him to enjoy your recipes as he plays the game. In fact, when you have an influx of customers, introduce “ping pong for hire”, you will be amazed by its uptake.

Make a perfect design to avoid inconveniencing customers

Yes, ping pong is a value added service, ensure your interior design considers the customer who just wants to sit and have their ample time, at the same time, make a space for spectators who have accompanied their friends or relatives or just want to see other reveler playing the game.

Introduce membership plan for loyal customers

Never take for granted customer loyalty, introduce a customer loyalty program like discounted rates, loyalty points redeemable within the café, for this, get a business consultant to craft this for you to ensure you do not have a break-in kind of business but a profitable one.

Provide bathrooms

After a physically intensive game, some may not be in a hurry to leave the café premises, however, they may be forced because of the itchiness and the cafe uncomfortable of sweat. A bathroom comes in handy to target more stay within the café as they sample your local and international cuisines.

Get a resident ping pong trainer

What happens to a reveler who takes interest in the game? This is a business gap, have a resident ping pong trainer to cater for such a market, of course at a fee. In addition, renowned ping pong players will have no option but to seek his services to have a professional angle of the game.

Generally, you will realize the business strength of the presence of ping pong in the café has a positive impact on business growth in the competitive hospitality industry.

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Email Automation Books Available In A Cafe

written by: Xellos976 Cafes have always been an important facet of western culture. It’s a place where people can sit and talk for hours over cups of coffee. As such, cafes are the ideal place to meet someone during the day. If you know about email automation, you can also check out the convertkit’s competitors here. Besides coffee, cafes typically stock only a few other drinks and some light snacks like sandwiches. As a result, unlike restaurants, cafes aren’t too heavy on the stomach. Cafes are considered as the best place to go to on a date with a person or meet up with a friend for a long time. The environment of a cafe is conducive to intellectual conversation. For example, cafe’s played a huge role during the French Revolution. Revolutionaries and free thinkers discussed their views and ideologies with other citizens here.

Today, many different types of cafes have cropped up which are designed to appeal to customers in a variety of ways. For example, there are now cafes where people can combine their love of reading and coffee. These “reading cafes” are stocked with a whole host of different books which patrons can pick up and read like in a library. Even books about email automation are available here.

Books are a great source of knowledge. They’re an age-old format of conveying information, knowledge, and wisdom effectively. The fact that the format has withstood the test of time shows how versatile it is. The best thing about books is that you get to choose how much information you want. You can read a book which is verbose and full of facts to get in-depth knowledge or a book with distilled content that teaches you just the essentials.

You can use books to learn about advanced marketing techniques. It’s important for every small business owner or self-employed professional to know how to reach a broad audience to sell their product or service to. Getting your message across to more people directly results in more sales. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by sending potential customers eye-catching emails every day which can hopefully convince them to try your product. The best way of doing this is using a service like ConvertKit to send emails every day automatically.

A great way to learn about email automation is by reading books about it in a cafe. You can buy a book and take it to any cafe of your choice, or you could visit one of the aforementioned reading cafes. Books about email automation have all the necessary instructions and information to help you start marketing with emails. You should start off with the basic firsts, before moving onto books which cover more advanced topics such as the differences of ConvertKit from Drip. If you like to know the differences of which CRM you should try first, let me give you few more facts. Drip has a 21-day free trial which ConvertKit does not, Drip allows you to build your email using intuitive visual tools while ConvertKit does not and ConvertKit is more suited to be used by bloggers while Drip is aimed towards fulfilling the needs of people trying to sell a product or service.