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Ping Pong: the ultimate business solution for your cafe

Value addition defines success in the competitive hospitality industry. A perfectly designed paddle on a beautiful ping pong table comes in handy to maintain customer loyalty to your café at the same time keep them for long within the premise, naturally, they will have to feel hungry and quench their thirst. Have a look at some of the testimonials at to prove this.

At the end of a long working day, instead of a strenuous workout, people will prefer to come and socialize in your café over a cup of coffee as they enjoy the brain game. This gives you an upper hand and an increase in the market share among your competitors. How then can you make your good use of ping pong game for business growth of your café?

Have enough space

The moment you opt for a ping pong in a café, ensure you have ample space for customers to enjoy the game. You may lack equipment, but the moment your customer guarantee a cup of their favorite drink as they enjoy the game, some may opt to carry their own ping pong equipment all they may require is a suitable space for the game.

Provide numerous ping pong tables

You are in business; accommodate customers who may need to enjoy the game without the hassle of carrying equipment just to enjoy the game. Imagine of someone who just had an afterthought of visiting the café but lack the table tennis equipment, allow him to enjoy your recipes as he plays the game. In fact, when you have an influx of customers, introduce “ping pong for hire”, you will be amazed by its uptake.

Make a perfect design to avoid inconveniencing customers

Yes, ping pong is a value added service, ensure your interior design considers the customer who just wants to sit and have their ample time, at the same time, make a space for spectators who have accompanied their friends or relatives or just want to see other reveler playing the game.

Introduce membership plan for loyal customers

Never take for granted customer loyalty, introduce a customer loyalty program like discounted rates, loyalty points redeemable within the café, for this, get a business consultant to craft this for you to ensure you do not have a break-in kind of business but a profitable one.

Provide bathrooms

After a physically intensive game, some may not be in a hurry to leave the café premises, however, they may be forced because of the itchiness and the cafe uncomfortable of sweat. A bathroom comes in handy to target more stay within the café as they sample your local and international cuisines.

Get a resident ping pong trainer

What happens to a reveler who takes interest in the game? This is a business gap, have a resident ping pong trainer to cater for such a market, of course at a fee. In addition, renowned ping pong players will have no option but to seek his services to have a professional angle of the game.

Generally, you will realize the business strength of the presence of ping pong in the café has a positive impact on business growth in the competitive hospitality industry.